Haley Brinkerhoff

Haley Brinkerhoff (b. 1996) is a Los Angeles based photographer who has dedicated the past 5 years focused on capturing the essence of humanity across the globe.  The great granddaughter of the late Dennis Stock, one of the first members of the respected Magnum Photo Co-operative, she was fortunate enough to be his last student before his passing in 2010. At the age of 17, she graduated from The Walden School of Liberal Arts (Utah) and moved to Hollywood; following in Dennis’ footsteps.

This work started as and continues to be a personal discovery for Brinkerhoff. Her work expresses her experience but also appears as a mirror enabling those who experience her work the moment to question "Who Am I?"

Challenge the things you believe to be true, challenge the things you believe to be false. Question everything, until you discover truth. We are not titles, objects, nor our physical bodies. Once we shed these layers, we see the undeniable truth of all our existence. A truth, which cannot be named, the infinite timeless root of all: I AM.”

The process of her work is continuously finding inspiration within the souls of others. 

“Perspective is one of the most powerful tools we have. I work to unveil the raw poetic truth that lies beneath the surface. Creating imagery that is often characterized by being raw, stark, intense, intimate, and emotional.”