Signed LImited Edition Prints now for sale

This series showcases an intimate approach to understanding identity. My key focus was to capture and discover the   "I Am"   in the world that surrounds me. By detaching from my sense of self, I began looking into the souls of others to find myself. The bond that connects me to these portraits so deeply is what I hope to share with you. Celebrating the unity in diversity.

We are not titles, objects, nor out physical bodies. Once we shed these layers, we see the undeniable truth of all our existence. A truth, which cannot be named, the infinite timeless root of all: I AM.

About the Prints :

- Signed and Numbered in Limited Editions
- Archival Pigment Prints
- Printed on Cason Infinity Platine Fibre Rag Paper

Available in sizes : 

Print : 8.5" x 11" / With Frame: 16" x 20" / Edition Limited to 5

Print: 24" x 36" / With Frame: 34" x 46" / Edition Limited to 20